Is Capitalism Dead??

Failing Banks and Investment Banks are forced to merge with other competitors…The “Too Big to Fail” banks are summoned to the White House and forced to take TARP funds…  GM, once the country’s largest corporation has its CEO forced out by the President…Contracts are routinely abrogated, and Congress seeks to “cram down” mortgages…The FDIC seeks to retroactively assess all banks for the sins of a few..

Surely it is important for our government to address, and change the “systemic risk organizations” that exist today. But the prescription for the health of our economy is not in asking our government to take control, but rather in returning the system to a place where the entrepreneurial spirit lives; Main Street, USA…

What happened to being a steward of your company’s capital, and making risk/reward decisions.. If you make good decisions, and deploy your capital intelligently, then you are entitled to whatever profits inure from your business. If however, you make foolish mistakes, and take on undue risks, you are punished by losing your capital, and possibly your entire business. Is that not what has made this country great?

We have become a country who wakes up every morning to the news, newspapers, TV shows and other media outlets for direction. It is as if our businesses success or failure is determined by what is happening in the media… The truth is that like any other time, it is what we do every day that makes the difference between our success and our failure. The difference is that today we do not have a rising tide to help us. The things that we have been accustomed to are not the same. What used to work, day in, and day out, does not work anymore.

In these times it is especially important to remember to run our businesses, every day, and look for new ways to innovate, improve, evolve and be different. People are coming back to basics, back to things they can understand, back to a place where service matters and hard work is respected again. For some these may be the worst of times, but for those who remember that “hard work never killed anybody,” these may be the best of times in generation, or quite possibly, a lifetime…

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