Signs of Life in Housing?

With today’s news on housing starts and new building permits, I thought it would be an opportune time to again discuss how important it is to stay focused on local events and circumstances. At NJCB we are seeing some encouraging signs from various segments of the economy, specifically with our contractor and homebuilder clients. While we do not feel that we are out of the woods just yet, we certainly are beginning to see the edge of the forest. Land prices are at depressed levels, materials and subcontract services are more competitive now, and of course, interest rates are at historic lows… Most important, we are seeing increasing confidence in a more stable economy.

So, while all the news channels are focused on Europe, The Debt Commission, The Presidential Race and other national or global events, we continue to focus on the developing building of confidence in our own local markets.. I discussed this issue today on Bloomberg Radio and in the CNBC Power Lunch interview below.




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