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Bank Transfer Day – What Does it Mean for You?

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Tomorrow is “Bank Transfer Day” and certainly reminds me that one of the greatest assets of our business environment is the freedom of choice. While other countries may only have few banking options, here in the US we have over 7,000 banks to choose from. Those banks range in size from a few tens of millions to multi-trillion dollar banks. In these times of changing bank priorities, regulations, and business models, one should always keep focused on the banks that truly create lasting relationships with their customers. You have a choice.

At NJCB we hold the customer in the highest regard.  Creating relationships is the business we are in. We have always provided products such as checking and debit cards for free along with many others that ran counter to the business plans of many other banks. It is our high customer retention rate, combined with the enormous word-of-mouth referral base that lowers our costs and allows us to provide the high level service at little to no cost to you.

Take this opportunity, especially if you feel you are in an “abusive relationship” with your own bank to move your account to a bank that cares about you, and sees you for more than just a source of fee income.

So on Saturday, November 5th make plans to move your money to your local community bank… Here at NJCB, WE will be open on Saturday from 9AM to 1PM and are ready to serve you, and make your transition smooth & effortless. If you are near one of our offices, stop by enjoy a cup of coffee at our coffee bar, and feel free to chat with one of our staff about why we are “a better place to be.”